Affordable Membership

Trico Centre is a great place to belong to!

We offer a very affordable membership. Payments are monthly and you can let us know that you want it to stop. 

Membership Fees 

A Trico Membership is Affordable

At Trico Centre we believe that opportunities to be active and healthy should be affordable.

The benefits of being a member are many, including unlimited access to our Fitness Centre and access to more than 70 drop-in fitness classes every week, access to the Aquatics Centre with hot tub, steam room, wave pool and slide, two NHL-sized arenas hosting shinny hockey, stick and puck, and leisure skating, access to drop-in gym, and 20% off registered children's classes, registered adult fitness, and personal training.

A Trico Membership is Flexible

Trico Centre wants its membership options to suit your life - and life can change.

Cancel: Only 3 business day's notice is required to cancel a membership. There are no penalties or fees to cancel. Please bring a completed Cancellation form (see below) to Guest Services. Passes can not be cancelled within the first 60 days. If 60 days is too long of a commitment, try a 10-visit pass or our one-month pass for $95 (which can then be applied towards a membership if you decide to stay.)

Stop/Restart: If you are travelling or are going to be away for an extended time, we have a stop and restart option, now a maximum of 5 months. 3 business days' notice is required: Please bring a completed Membership Pause/Medical Hold Form (see below) to Guest Services. (Increments of 1 month only, 1 pause per year, no penalties or fees, only 3 business days' notice required.)

Medical Pause: You can also pause your pass for medical reasons. If you are unable to attend Trico Centre for medical reasons, bring a doctor's note to Guest Services and we will adjust your pass accordingly. See Pause or Medical Hold Form.

Change of membership type: If you would like to change the type of pass you have - for example, from a couple to a family membership or from a single adult to a couple, just let us know. You can do as many "upgrades" as you would like in a year
(we limit "downgrades" to one a year.) Please fill our the Membership Type Adjustment Form and bring to Guest Services.


Cancellation Form

Membership Pause Medical Hold Form


Membership Type Adjustment Form



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