Hockey Sportacular Kids Learn, Practice, then PLAY!

July 31, 2015

Kids at Trico`s Hockey Sportacular had an action-packed week! These young hockey enthusiasts focused on skills, power skating and scrimmages combined with dryland training, swimming, a field trip and more.

Leaders Flame and Sloth and two volunteers started by reviewing the basic fundamentals and safety before any of the kids hit the ice. And whenever possible, more volunteers joined the camp. This high staff to camper ratio ensured lots of guidance, supervision and one-on-one time. 

Once on the ice, children were separated into two groups based on age. Next, Bill, Trico’s long-time skating and hockey instructor, observed each participant’s current skillset to further group kids in levels to optimize their practical experience. Forward and backward skating, cross-overs, passing and shooting were just some of the skills they worked on.

Bill`s passion and enthusiasm for children and hockey really shows. He's been Trico's skating and hockey instructor for many years. While skating (and playing) just as hard as the kids, he said, "I like challenging the kids to be their best. I believe it`s all about the encouragement that helps them with progress."

Off the ice, kids also spent lots of time in the outdoor space at Trico. All activities and games are geared toward building speed, coordination and teamwork. And Hockey Sportacular camp also included a field trip to Lloyd`s Rollersports Centre. Although it’s a different type of skating, it was another great opportunity for campers to be active and socialize. This camp is a great balance of learning and practical skills. And of course, with everything, there`s a high emphasis on FUN. 

Flame said, "I love leading hockey camp. It really brings back memories of when I was learning to skate and play. It`s pretty amazing to see the development of each camper in just a week."


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Fun Learning Through Weird Science

July 23, 2015

It’s all about “how” and “why” through really cool science experiments in this camp! And with a field trip to the Science Centre and two swims in our pool, kids are guaranteed a well-rounded and fun experience. 

During the week of July 20, the kids were busy making Crystal Gardens using Epsom salts and doing “Eggsperiments” – that is, experiments with eggs. Camp leaders Owl and Cheddar talked about chemical reactions and then the kids eagerly assembled various ingredients in mason jars. Children learned many concepts including saturation, dissolving, density, and temperature.

After adding some food colouring to personalize their projects, the jars were refrigerated to allow ingredients to change. In the meantime, campers were encouraged to ask lots of questions, discuss ideas, and speculate about what would happen.

Prior to viewing their projects, Camp leader Owl reviewed the concepts behind their experiments and asked campers to note what types of things happened so they could share with the rest of the group. She also added, “With experiments, it’s all about the hypothesis. Sometimes experiments go very differently than you might expect and sometimes you may not notice anything at all. The most important take-away is what you learn from it”.  

The room was buzzed with excitement as the campers had a chance to examine each other’s jars. Cheddar, another camp leader noted, “We really try to make it fun while they’re learning. I love watching the kids discuss their hypotheses and results with each other. It’s super fun for them and us. With a laugh she added, “Leading camps doesn’t feel like work. The kid in me comes out every day!”

Got a kid who loves science experiments? Weird Science camp is offered various weeks for different ages in July and August.

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Fun Focus on Nothing But Net

July 17, 2015

This camp is for children who absolutely love net sports. Soccer, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse are just a few of the sports offered. And with a swim each day, it’s perfect for active kids.

Trico Centre staff created Nothing But Net camp around the principles of Physical Literacy – the development of fundamental movement and sport skills. Much like when they learn to read, children learn to throw, run, jump, and swim one skill at a time and one step at a time. Nothing But Net camp definitely helps them learn the basic skills of movement and sports, in the right way. 

Camp leader, Spice shared her thoughts about the importance of Physical Literacy. “It’s not just about teaching kids skills in a fun, encouraging and safe environment. The knowledge and practice can transition to other activities throughout their lives.”

Children are quick to gravitate toward familiar, favourite or preferred sports and activities throughout the school year. Adding to their busy lives, they often participate in organized leagues and this can leave little time for new sport ventures. 

Spice said, “Often kids come to this camp with an interest in one sport or another and they tend to specialize early.  Although the kids will get to play their favourites, we cover a wide range of sports. To broaden their experience, the kids are encouraged to try each activity at least once. We hope that exposure to different sports will pique their interest and lead to life-long involvement.” She continued, “And sometimes interests in a wide range of sports help when an injury occurs. Instead of becoming inactive, they can continue with another sport that interests them.” 

Nothing But Net is offered various weeks for different ages throughout summer.

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Brain-E-Acts Campers’ Creations Rock!

July 10, 2015

This camp is tailored for children who love thought-provoking activities, puzzles and games. During the first week of summer, Brain-E-Acts campers were engaged in making various projects. On Thursday, the kids built bridges and kites. Besides being super fun, the objective was to learn about engineering and aerodynamics.

Campers first tackled building bridges. As with all projects, there are several stages. Day Camp leaders and volunteers began explaining concepts then progressed to the planning process. Once the kids learned the principles, they gathered in small groups, made their plans, chose materials, and began creating. When construction was complete, the kids artistically personalized their bridges, and then left them to dry overnight. The important task of testing their bridges for strength and endurance would have to wait until all their materials were set. 

Everyone took a snack break before starting the next project - kite construction! After listening to their Camp leader, Owl give some direction and tips, the kids got busy making their kites. After putting the finishing touches on decorating, they headed outside to test them. The first camper to try hers squealed with glee, “Look, look… mine is flying! It’s beautiful!” And then they gathered to do some serious observation and trouble-shooting. As a group, they discussed how they could make a better product followed by a lot of extra test flights. One camper commented, “It definitely works better when there’s two bags because they hold more air.”

The next morning when campers arrived, Day Camp leaders reviewed learnings and activities from the previous day before inspecting and testing their bridges. Owl explained that triangles are stronger than other shapes. She talked about weight and stress testing for their bridges using dumbells and bungee cords. Campers eagerly tried the tests and were delighted to see that their bridges held up!

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Ready? Set? Go!

July 3, 2015

Day Camps will be in full swing as of Monday, July 6. With a huge variety of weekly themes planned, our leaders and volunteers can’t wait to see your children at Trico Centre this summer!

In our hearts we know Trico Day Camps are a fabulous opportunity for kids to make lifelong memories and friendships, try different things, and learn new skills. Whether your child is a returning camper or new to Trico Centre and Day Camps, our friendly and caring staff are experts at helping them feel welcome and included. In no time at all, they’ll be focused on interactive play, adventure and learning.

Maybe your kids are coming for one or two weeks or maybe they’re registered with us all summer. One thing is certain… Full-on fun, creativity, imagination, exploration, self-expression and discovery is just waiting to be had.

When your kids come home, they’ll have lots to tell you about their day. If you want to sneak a peek at what the kids have been up to, please check in with our Diary of a Day Camp Kid blog each week. We’ll do our best to show off some of the highlights. Thanks for choosing Trico Centre Day Camps.

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Staff Gear Up for 2015 Summer Day Camps

June 26, 2015

Trico Centre was buzzing with activity as our Day Camp staff gathered for a weekend of training to ensure the kids in their care have an engaging, fun-filled, and safe experience this summer. It was a great opportunity for Day Camp leaders and volunteers to orient, learn, prepare, share, and team-build.

Trico’s Day Camp staff are carefully chosen for their skillset, experience, and interest in working with children. Each person is certified in CPR and First Aid, and receives training in facility emergency procedures, field trip safety, sun precautions, and water hazards. Besides learning to lead an awesome camp, their training also focuses on dealing with difficult situations, encouraging inclusiveness, managing behaviour, and bullying prevention.

Jenn, Day Camp Coordinator is super excited about the 2015 team. “We’ve got a mature, experienced group this year. They’re incredibly talented, dynamic, and creative. Some have specialized backgrounds in one or more things like dance, science, drama, and different sports. And others, through past and present experience, can lead any kind of camp Trico offers.” The majority of leaders and a high amount of volunteers have returned to Trico this season. Jenn noted, “Interestingly, a lot of our staff started as campers, then became volunteers, then naturally progressed to leaders – and fortunately, they just keep coming back each summer!”

Day camp group leaders play a big part in the planning, supervision, and delivery of camps. Throughout summer, they stay motivated and challenged by leading a different camp each week. It’s the perfect way to keep it fresh for themselves and the kids. Natalie, who started as a Day Camp volunteer, is now in her second year as Day Camp leader. She said, “I love working with kids, meeting people, and developing relationships with other leaders. Working Trico Day Camps is a positive experience for me. The training is great, leadership guides support us to ensure everything goes smoothly and we work together in harmony to ensure the kids have fun.”

Safety is an important factor in Trico Day Camps. Ratios, standards, and guidelines are in place and strictly followed by all staff. Jay, Trico’s Day Camp Volunteer Coordinator noted, “Parents can be confident that their children will have fun, learn new skills, and make friends in a safe, encouraging environment.” He continued, “The kids will definitely have an action-packed, fun-filled day and behind the scenes, staff will make sure it’s all done according to the highest standards of safety.”

Last year, a parent summarized, “One of the reasons that I choose Trico Centre Day Camps is that I can have a worry-free day. I know my son is having a great time, learning things and getting to spend time with other kids. I can pick him up at the end of the day without having to think anything other than happy thoughts all day long.”

Overall, parents can rely on Trico Centre Day Camps to be quality-based, well rounded, educational, reasonably priced, and most of all – safe and fun. For sure, kids can count on us for a great summer experience!

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Sous-Chef Day Camp Cookin’ Up Some Fun

August 7, 2014

Trico Centre’s Sous-Chef campers cooked, steamed, grilled, and sautéed a full serving of fun when guest chefs from Smuggler’s Inn and Tango Bistro stopped in for a special lesson.

The Sous-Chef day camp is for kids who love to experiment in the kitchen. Campers are taught how to make recipes and how to add ingredients to these culinary creations. Campers are also given a recipe book at the start of camp to store notes and recipes. This recipe book was put to the test when they were visited by head chef, Trevor Hopper and his sous-chef Andrew Ryu.

Trico campers had a rare opportunity and learned how to cook and season hamburger by a Red Seal chef. “The burger is so yummy! It’s sweet, but also hot, I don’t know how they got both flavors inside it,” said a camper between bites. The recipe calls for steak spice, paprika, powdered mustard, and pepper to achieve the flavor.

The burgers were cooked on a large-scale grill that Trevor and Andrew brought specifically for the Sous-Chef day camp. One participant thought it was a sight to behold: “It was the biggest barbeque I’ve ever seen! I hope I get to cook on one of those someday...especially if I can make stuff like this!”

Campers were eager to write down the hamburger recipe to try at home, but cooking didn’t stop there – The Sous-Chef day camp got to go hands on and make special flavored oatmeal too. The oatmeal had chocolate chips and bananas in it, making it as popular as the burger amongst the Sous Chefs. People aren’t generally familiar with these flavor combinations which makes the experience new and exciting.

Sous-Chef campers were stuffed by the end of Trevor and Andrew’s cooking session. Many kids couldn’t finish the food that was prepared, but were keen to take leftovers home. “I want my dad to try the burger! He has to learn to make them so we can eat them every day!”

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Pastels, Pencils and Paper! Oh My!

August 1, 2014

Pastels, pencils and paper, oh my! Imaginarium was filled with these art supplies yesterday thanks to Young Rembrandts, an organization that encourages creativity and imagination through art.

Imaginarium is a Trico Centre day camp that promotes creativity and imagination exploration through crafts and games. Campers think outside the box and are challenged to express themselves. Young Rembrandts prides itself in helping children do this through art, making the workshop a hit with campers.

The campers began the workshop discussing art, imagination, and creativity. Discussion revolved around: “Why is being creative a fun form of entertainment?” One camper answered: “I like drawing more than watching TV because I can change anything I want in a picture, but not on TV.”
Campers began the drawing portion of the workshop after the discussion. The drawing section started with a picture of spaghetti and meatballs being watched by a dog. The campers learned to draw this picture through the instructor’s guidance and step by step process.

First they began sketching out basic shapes of the dog, spaghetti, and meatballs. When the artists gradually added small details each shape eventually turned into a prominent part of the picture. One camper was surprised at how successful this was and said: “I can’t believe you can make drawings just out of shapes. I thought you had to draw everything at the same time, but you can just erase stuff you don’t need later. I’ve never drawn something this good!”

After sketching was complete, the campers finished their pictures with pastels - the perfect way to finish because they provide bright colors and texture to the picture.

Finally Imaginarium campers sprayed their masterpieces with special coating to enhance the color of the pastels and keep them from smearing. One camper remarked as he finished: “I’m excited to show my mom. Hopefully she doesn’t put it on ebay. It took so long to finish that I can’t do it again!”

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