Fitness Centre Policies

Fitness Centre Policies

General Information
1.  As a benefit of membership we invite all NEW MEMBERS to participate in our complimentary FITNESS CENTRE ORIENTATION.  This orientation will familiarize you with our facility and services, as well as provide some cardio-machine instruction so that you feel comfortable with the equipment in our facility.

2.  Fitness Centre Monitors are on-site in our facility to answer any questions that you have on an ongoing basis. 

3.  Group Fitness is a great way to boost your fitness.  Trico Centre offers more than 70 classes each week with all sorts of options. Ask us for a drop-in fitness class schedule, pick one up in our fitness Centre or go online.

1. Participants are required to wear suitable gym attire (runners, shorts or sweats and shirt) and to abide by our rules and regulations posted at the entrance of the Fitness Centre. Shoes must be worn at all times (no sandals). Please help us to keep our facility clean (do not wear muddy shoes inside).

2.  Gym bags are not permitted on the gym floor. Lockers and storage areas are available.

3.  Trico Centre welcomes youth 9 - 14 years of age into our Fitness Centre once they have completed our free Fitness Centre Youth orientation. This orientation is provided to ensure that safety and general fitness guidelines are provided for teens.  Please pre-register at Guest Services.

4.  Only Trico Centre personal trainers are permitted to train others in our facility. Trico Centre's professional and qualified trainers will keep you focused in a "results oriented" program. Regardless of age, gender or ability our personal trainers will meet your individual needs. Ask about our variety of training options.

5.  When using the equipment please:
- wipe off equipment after use with spray bottles and towels provided
- put weights back
- no dropping weights
- do not move mirrors
- sign your name to use all cardio equipment (max 30 minute limit)

6.  Abide by track directions (signage near the fitness monitor's desk).

7.  Secure valuables in lockers located inside the change room - or for added security, outside the change room. Lockers are for day use only. Trico Centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or personal injury, loss and/or damage to personal property that may result from your participation.

8.  No electronic photographic equipment is permitted in the change rooms.

9. The health and safety of all patrons must be assured at all times. Any conduct that is deemed offensive or dangerous to others will not be tolerated.

10. If the fire alarm sounds, please be prepared to evacuate. Listen to instructions from Trico Centre staff.

Let us assist you!  If you have any questions please see the Fitness Monitor.

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