Older Adult Fitness

Trico Centre is very senior-friendly! Older adults are welcome to take part in many activities at Trico Centre from drop-in fitness to shinny hockey to aquacize. You can either purchase a continuous monthly pass - or you can pay a daily admission fee. (10-time daily admission passes are also avialable.)

Registered Programs

Program Guide (with full details about all programs offered at Trico Centre)

Older Adult-Friendly Programs: Balance Builders, Bone Builders, Brain Builders, Chair Yoga 


A Trico Centre Pass is a great way to meet and socialize with other older adults. At any given time (but especially in the morning) there are many older adults working out in the Fitness Centre - and thus lots of new people to meet and chat with.

Trico Centre Passes are affordable - especially for older adults. We have great membership rates for those aged 60 plus:  60 Plus and 60 Plus Couple. Check here for more information about our affordable rates.

Additionally, to make our passes work for those who may be travelling for an extended time (for example, Snowbirds), we have a convenient start and stop option. You can stop and restart your membership for up to 5 months with 24 hours notice.

You can also pause your Pass for medical reasons. If you are unable to attend Trico Centre for medical reasons, bring in a doctor's note and we will adjust your Pass accordingly.

Included in your Pass is access to the pool, the arenas, and the Fitness Centre - along with over 70 drop-in fitness classes every week, many of which are specifically geared towards older adults. Plus you get Passholder pricing (approximately 20% discount) on registered programs. 

Drop-In Fitness Classes

The Drop-In Fitness Schedule includes more than 70 weekly classes that are included at no charge with your pass. Several of these classes are geared specifically for older adults.

Registered Fitness Programs and Workshops for Older Adults

Every season, Trico Centre offers registered programs (multi-week) and workshops of interest to older adults. Some examples of multi-week classes are Bone BuildersBalance Builders, and Brain Builders, Chair Yoga; Fit 101 - For the Absolute Beginner (explains how to use the machines in the Fitness Centre.) Check the Program Guide for mor info any all of these registered program.


If you just want to drop in for an activity or for the day, we have pricing and options for you. For example, to access the facility including the Fitness Centre and Pool, you can pay an admission fee (we have an affordable Senior's rate.) 1-visit and 10-visit passes available. Or, if you enjoy leisure skating, check our leisure skate schedule and enjoy our special senior leisure skate admission rate.

Additional Older-Adult-Friendly Features

Pool:  Trico Centre's pool is kept at a balmy 30 degrees - the water is warmer than most pools in Calgary. Also, the pool has a gradual beach-front-type entry which is great for those who might have mobility issues. Pool Schedule.

Walking Track: There is a three-lane walking track in the Fitness Centre for those who want to make walking part of their healthy lifestyle, but aren't keen on inclement weather.

Relaxed, Friendly Atmosphere: Trico Centre is a pretty low-key place - there are people here of all fitness levels and there is always a  staff member to ask if you have any questions. In the Fitness Centre, a Fitness Monitor is on duty at all time if you want to find out how to use a piece of equipment.

Personal Training: If you aren't sure what will work for you in the Fitness Centre or want some personalized attention, we have friendly, expert personal trainers, many of whom specialize in fitness for older adults.

Socializing: There are lots of good spots at Trico entre to sit down for a chat, either in our upper food court area or on one of our comfy couches. Drinks, snacks, and healthy food available from on-site Jugo Juice.

FLC Seniors Club: Trico Centre is home to the independently run and extremely successful FLC Seniors Club which is the biggest senior' club in western Canada. The Club has many health-based activities designed to lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle plus bridge, Brushstrokes (painting), calligraphy, camera club, coffee group, cribbage, line dancing, yoga, whist, tai chi, and more. 

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