Affordable Monthly Passes

Trico Centre is a great place to belong to!

We offer a very affordable continuous monthly pass. "Continuous monthly" means that payments are monthly and that your pass continues until you let us know that you want it to stop. 

Passholder Benefits

Pass Fees 

A Trico Pass is Affordable

At Trico Centre we believe that opportunities to be active and healthy should be affordable.

The benefits of being a passholder are many, including unlimited access to our Fitness Centre and access to more than 70 drop-in fitness classes every week, access to the Aquatics Centre with hot tub, steam room, wave pool and slide, two NHL-sized arenas hosting shinny hockey, stick and puck, and leisure skating, access to drop-in gym, and 20% off registered children's classes, registered adult fitness, and personal training. Click here for a full list of benefits.

A Trico Pass is Flexible

Trico Centre wants its pass options to suit your life - and life can change.We have made our passes as flexible as possible.

Cancel: Only 24rs' notice is required to cancel a pass. There are no penalties or fees to cancel. Please bring a completed Cancellation Form to Guest Services. Passes can not be cancelled within the first 60 days. If 60 days is too long of a commitment, try a 10-visit pass or our one-month pass for $95 (which can then be applied towards a mothly continuous pass if you decide to stay.)

Stop/Restart: If you are travelling or are going to be away for an extended time, we have a stop and restart option, now a maximum of 5 months. 24 hours' written notice is required: Please bring a completed Pause or Medical Hold Form to Guest Services. (Increments of 1 month only, 1 pause per year, no penalties or fees, only 24 hours' of notice required.)

Medical Pause: You can also pause your pass for medical reasons. If you are unable to attend Trico Centre for medical reasons, bring a doctor's note to Guest Services and we will adjust your pass accordingly. See Pause or Medical Hold Form.

Change of pass type: If you would like to change the type of pass you have - for example, from a couple to a family pass or from a single adult to a couple, just let us know. You can do as many "upgrades" as you would like in a year (we limit "downgrades" to one a year.) Please fill our the Membership Type Adjustment Form and bring to Guest Services.


Cancellation Form

Pause or Medical Hold Form

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