Wilderness and Remote First Aid

CTV Morning News spot with Lane Fraser on Wilderness and Remote First Aid.

Plus, check out this article: next class is Feb 11 and 12.


Capability and composure in the back of beyond: Trico Centre's Wilderness and Remote First Aid course

You’re backpacking in the backwoods. You’re kayaking in remote waters. You’re out on a fishing trip in the back of beyond. 

And, suddenly, a member of your group breaks her arm . . . or has a minor medical emergency . . . or falls victim to hypothermia. What would you do?

With the help of Trico Centre and Ecojourney, you can turn wilderness worry into backcountry composure. Trico Centre’s two-day Wilderness and Remote First Aid course will give you the confidence to administer first aid when help isn’t just “down the street.”

“We offer a number of emergency response certification classes at Trico Centre that are facilitated by the Canadian Red Cross, but we also take it one step further with Wilderness and Remote First Aid, which focuses on immediate and possibly extended care that could be the difference between an easy day and a very long day,” says Michelle Mariani, Fitness Director at Trico Centre.

A two-day, 20-hour course targeted at participants aged 12 and up—and next offered on Saturday, Feb. 11 and Sunday, Feb. 12—Wilderness and Remote First Aid covers material from the Canadian Red Cross’s Standard First Aid Course offering, plus extensive knowledge and techniques for wilderness and remote areas.

The course will equip participants with strategies for providing extended care for up to 24 hours. It’s an authentic offering, which means that most of the course (80%) is taught in an outdoor, non-urban setting—in this case, northwest of Cochrane, AB—and requires more physical activity and endurance than typical first-aid training.

“This course covers everything from airway, breathing and circulation emergencies to head and spine injuries, wound care, environmental emergencies, poisons, extended care, evacuation and communications,” says Mariani.

Successful completion of Wilderness and Remote First Aid carries with it a three-year certification, as well as CPR Level C and AED.

The Wilderness and Remote First Aid manual will be made available for pickup to participants one week before the course begins. Wilderness and Remote First Aid will be offered again by Trico Centre and Ecojourney facilitators in early April.

To check out Trico Centre’s wide range of offerings for the Winter 2017 season, see the program guide. Register at Tri-Online.

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