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Trico Centre Programs for Children & Youth strive to deliver an environment where children feel valued, safe, and secure. Our programs are taught by qualified instructors who encourage independence and socialization. Each member of the team also has a current Police Security Check and is certified in First Aid and HIGH FIVE.

All of our active programs focus on developing fundamental movement skills to help your child become confident and competent in sport and activity—while our classroom programs encourage creativity and imagination.

Trico Centre offers a wide selection of high-quality registered classes for children of all ages including Parent and Tot Programs, Preschool programs, Children's Program and Youth Programs, Holiday/School Break programs, and Summer Day Camps. Plus, Trico has a full range of Learn-to-Skate Programs and Swimming Lessons. Trico Centre passholders save 20% off the cost of registered children's programs, as well as receive priority registration. 

Children's Programs at Trico Centre are designed with the concepts of Physical Literacy in mind. Physical Literacy recognizes that it is important to teach children fundamental movment and sports skills like how to throw, catch, run, and move. Gymnastics classes, for example, are a great way to learn fundamental movements skills which can then be used in any sport or any fun activity. Gymnastics programs at Trico Centre progress from Gym Babies (walking to 24 months with parent), Gym Tots (2-4 years with parent), Junior Gym (3 1/2 to 4 years), KInder Gym Kids 1 (4-6 years) through to KInder Gym Kids 2 (4 to 6 years.) 

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Trico Centre Children's Programs
  • Trico Centre offers active, fun registered programs for children and youth plus Learn to Skate and a huge selection of Swimming Lessons.
  • Active Start: Parent and Tot Programs (Walking to 3 years with parent or caregiver)  Choose from dance, fitness, mind/body, gymnastics, sports, art, and active programs.
  • Active Start: Preschool Programs (3 to 5 year-old active preschoolers): Preschool Programs at Trico Centre facilitate an active and healthy lifestyle for preschoolers while promoting social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development: Dance, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, sports, art, active learning, and movement.
  • FUNdamentals: Children (6-9 years): Dance, martial arts, yoga, and sports.
  • Daycamps (3 to 14 yrs)  Trico Centre has among the best daycamps in Calgary. We offer camps during school and holiday breaks.  During the summer, we offer full and half-day camps, with Early Care, Lunch Care and Late Care Supervision . We also offer Drop-In Camp for 6-12 years all summer long. Daycamp schedule is available the first week of March on our website and in our Spring/Summer brochure.
  • Drop-In Programs Check out our fun and convenient drop-in options - a great opportunity for your child to have fun and learn social skills and for you to meet other parents of young children: Drop-In Playtime, Drop-In Gymnastics, Drop-In Craft and more.


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