Youth Programs (9-14 yrs)

There is a lot to do for youth at Trico Centre. A youth pass very affordable and includes access to the Fitness Centre (see below for details of Youth access), Aquatics facility with wave pool, plus Drop-In Gym (monthly schedule), and Youth Shinny (monthly schedule.) For registered youth programs, check the Program Guide. This fall, there are more youth programs thean ever before.

A Trico Centre Youth pass is a steal of a deal at$26.19 plus GST per month. High-school aged youth may want to take advantage of our special passes offered during the summer, over the Christmas holidays, and, for high school students, during January exams.

If youth are looking for fitness-centred programs, many of Trico Centre's Adult Fitness Programs are available to those 14 years and older. Youth between 9 and 14 years of age can access the Fitness Centre with completion of a Youth Fitness Orientation. Plus, youth 12 and up can book a personal trainer. (see below for information about youth access to the Fitness Centre). 

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Additional Registered Programs

The starting age for Trico Centre's registered Adult Fitness classes is 14 years for most classes (16 years for some) - so youth can take advantage of incredible Fitness opportunities. Click here to see the Registered Adult Fitness Programs pages from our latest Program Guide.

Youth Access to the Fitness Centre

Trico Centre has an innovative program that allows youth aged 9 to 14 to have safe access to the Fitness Centre.



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