Family Programs and Services

It's all in the name: Trico Centre for Family Wellness


Families can choose from two affordable membership options:

Family: 2 Adults (2 adults, children under 18 years) 

Family: 1 Adult (1 adult, children under 18 years included) 

As a member, you can take advantage of all the Trico Centre has to offer - the Fitness Centre, the pool with water slide, hot tub, steam room, and the arenas (for leisure skate or shinny hockey.)


Trico centre has great-quality, low-ratio childcare.

What can we do as a family at Trico Centre?

Trico Centre has activities that the whole family can do together (at the same time) and options for the family to come to the centre together and each "do their own thing."

Activities for Your Family to do Together

Family Admission: Come to Trico Centre for a family swim or work out as a family (Fitness Centre access for ages 9 and up - check out details of youth (9-14) access to Fitness Centre with orientation.) Admission fee applies or all this is free with your Membership.

Drop-In Gym: check the schedule for special family drop-in gym times or try drop-in badminton.

Leisure Skate: Come to the arena for a family skate. Admission fee applies or free with membership. Leisure Skate Schedule.

Parent & Tot Swim: A very pouplar, economical swim admission - and a great opportunity to introduce your little one to water.

Stick and Puck: Spend some time on the ice (no contact, full equipment, all ages.) Shinny Hockey Schedule.

Registered Programs: See Program Guide for details.

Registered Parent & Tot Programs: Choose from a huge selection of Parent & Tot classes and Parent & Tot Learn-to-Skate Lessons as well as Parent and Tot Swim Lessons

Personal Training as a Family: Work with a personal trainer ((Fitness Centre access for ages 9 and up - check out details of youth (9-14) access to Fitness Centre with orientation.)

Registered Fitness: Many of our adult fitness programs and workshops are open to those aged 14 and up.

Birthday Parties: Trico Centre offers a fun birthday party package.

Each Member of Family Does their Own Thing

Perhaps you want to come to Trico Centre as a family and each do your own thing.

For example, dad and youth could work out in the Fitness Centre while mom plays basketball with child during drop-in gym and baby is in childcare.

Or, mom could go swimming with child while preschooler is in registered class.

Children could be in swimming lessons while grandparent does an aquasize or yoga class or has coffee with friends in the upper pool viewing area.

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