Trico Centre in the Future

Trico Centre’s Strategic Plans 2014-2017

In keeping with Trico Centre’s mission, vision, and values, Trico Centre management, board, and staff have developed a comprehensive strategic plan around components that are vital to any successful service organization: customer service, programs and services, management, staff, health and safety, and our facility.

Over the next three years, and into the future, Trico Centre will have six directions to guide its development.

1. Wellness Direction: Following from its name, Trico Centre for Family Wellness, Trico Centre will focus on wellness. Physical wellness will be our primary focus, however, we will explore other aspects of wellness:  social, wellness, intellectual and emotional.   
Trico Centre defines wellness as an active process in which individuals, families, and the community, explore and pursue healthy and fulfilling choices that improve and obtain optimal physical, social, intellectual and emotional well-being. 

2. Community Direction: Trico Centre will distinguish itself as a community hub for wellness. 

3. Revenue Direction: Trico Centre has a long history of financial sustainability and we will maintain this   even though there will be new facility competition challenges emerging over the next three years.  We will continue responsible expense budgeting.

4. Programs and Services Direction:  Trico Centre will emphasize physical and other aspects of wellness through additional and enhanced programs and services for adults and enriched opportunities for families.  

5. Managing Capacity and Facility Enhancement: Trico Centre will be reviewing its utilization and capacity in all of our facility areas.  Some areas, including the parking lot, are currently at capacity at certain peak times. A plan to manage capacity, based on capacity analysis and trends, will be completed and implemented. We will continue to update and refurbish the facility so that it is clean, safe, and well maintained.

6. Facility Expansion Direction:   Trico Centre is considering facility expansion: further exploration will be undertaken to investigate the need for an expanded fitness centre with studio spaces, a second multi-use gymnasium, lap pool addition, along with supportive amenities such as expanded parking, expanded change rooms, etc.  A capital fund-raising strategy will be developed.

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